Since the release of firmware 3.17.0 for Pearl and the initial firmware build for Pearl-2 , we’ve received lots of positive feedback from customers that we’d like to share regarding our web-based control panel—Epiphan Live. Pearl and Pearl-2 offer extensive powerful and versatility in their feature sets,...

Adopting a video meetings platform that every employee, no matter where they are, can easily access for instant face to face collaboration is one, proven method of transforming your workplace.

Using video in the classroom can provide well-rounded, information rich teaching resources that students will enjoy.

We’ve been listening to your feedback and are excited to introduce everyone to live video streaming with Swivl! We know that sometimes recorded videos alone of the classroom aren’t able to fit everyone’s needs, but your favorite live streaming video apps on their own also don’t work perfectly in the classroom when you...

[Infographic] How to host a guest on your live stream Are you interested in hosting a guest on your live stream? Have a look at our infographic to learn some practical set-up tips!

With the recenlty released firmware update to Swivl Robot you can now use the Swivl for distance Audi and with third party Apps like Skype, Zoom and Adobe Connect. 

The Swivl C Series Robot has the ability to collect audio from up to 5 markers simultaneously. Aside from the Primary Marker, which comes pre-paired in the base, you will need to pair each additional marker that you wish to use.


The marker that originally comes inside the Swivl Robot’s charging dock will be the Primary Marker, to which the Swivl will respond and track. Secondary Markers must be paired, and will act as audio recording devices around the room.

In the event that you need to clear the current paired Markers from your C Series robot, you will first need to clear the base memory and then re-pair the markers.


By default, the Swivl C Series robot will track the Primary Marker, which is most often worn or held by the teacher. In certain instances, however, the teacher may want to pass off tracking to a student or group that is presenting, in order to focus the recording on their work. The Primary Marker can be used to hand off tracking to one of these Secondary Markers, and if multiple student groups are presenting, Secondary Markers can receive tracking one after the other.