Since the release of firmware 3.17.0 for Pearl and the initial firmware build for Pearl-2 , we’ve received lots of positive feedback from customers that we’d like to share regarding our web-based control panel—Epiphan Live. Pearl and Pearl-2 offer extensive powerful and versatility in their feature sets,...
The active use of the flipped classroom model is pushing more and more educators toward finding new and more creative ways to deliver study material to students. This includes creating more engaging and high-quality video lectures. However, teachers don’t always have the knowledge and/or the...

With Swivl you can now stream real-time video with a colleague or coach, or even broadcast to the world. Use the C-Series robot with your favorite 3rd party video streaming app like Zoom or Facebook live.

Swivl C Series robot can now be used with Microsoft Surface and other Windows PCs with limited functionality. Currently Swivl can be used with Windows devices only with 3rd party apps or services.

Adopting a video meetings platform that every employee, no matter where they are, can easily access for instant face to face collaboration is one, proven method of transforming your workplace.

Using video in the classroom can provide well-rounded, information rich teaching resources that students will enjoy.

We’ve been listening to your feedback and are excited to introduce everyone to live video streaming with Swivl! We know that sometimes recorded videos alone of the classroom aren’t able to fit everyone’s needs, but your favorite live streaming video apps on their own also don’t work perfectly in the classroom when you...

[Infographic] How to host a guest on your live stream Are you interested in hosting a guest on your live stream? Have a look at our infographic to learn some practical set-up tips!

With the recenlty released firmware update to Swivl Robot you can now use the Swivl for distance Audi and with third party Apps like Skype, Zoom and Adobe Connect. 

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