o capture video using the Swivl app, follow these steps:

  • To enter the capture environment, tap the Capture button on the side menu.
  • To record: tap the circle on the screen or press red record button on Swivl marker.
  • To stop recording, press the record button again.
  • Your maximum recording time available is displayed at the center of the capture screen. It is determined by the resolution of the video and the available space on the device. You can modify the resolution of the video by going into the Settings of the Swivl app and changing the Video quality from HD to SD.
  • The Swivl Robot will track the Primary Marker while recording. Be sure to stay between 5 and 20 feet away from the Swivl base while holding the Primary Marker.
  • Tap the 'x' in the top left of the capture screen to go back to the Library or Settings Menus.




Video Capture Features:

  • Multi-Camera Options: Tap the Video icon on the capture screen to open the Multi-Camera recording menu. From here, you will access your join pin for other devices to join your Multi-Camera session or you can verify when other devices have joined successfully. For more information on Multi-Camera, visit our article
  • Marker Options: Tap the Marker icon on the capture screen to open the Marker menu.  Change the volume at which audio is recorded from each marker by tapping each marker and adjusting the sliders. You can always verify which markers are turned on by opening the Marker menu. Markers that are turned on will be filled in with their marker color; if they are turned off, they will show black with only the outline of their marker color. 
  • Every time recording is started and then stopped, a new project will be created in the Swivl app Library.