How do I hear distant participants during Live Streaming?

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re you sure to follow all setup steps in our article Live Stream with Zoom - iOS ? 


The person using Swivl can hear a remote person’s voice in two ways: 

1. By connecting a headset to the primary marker for one on one conversations (through the right earbud only).

In some cases AirPods may be supported, however we recommend using jack connector headset or headphones to ensure best audio reliability as after switching to Zoom app Swivl app fully transfers audio control to Zoom app.


2. By connecting a USB speaker to the Swivl base for group conversations, e.g. USB speaker. Make sure to connect and turn your USB speaker on first and then turn on the base and proceed with Live Streaming setup.

Bluetooth speaker won't work unfortunately. 


If you only have regular speakers with 3.5mm connector you can also use USB to audio converters which enables you to connect regular speakers to the Swivl base. We have tested and confirm working fine one and two. We cannot guarantee any adaptors working but you are definitely free to try.


For your convenience adding Zoom Support Website link here

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