Live Stream with Microsoft Teams - tracking supported

Posted by   Alla

With Swivl you can now stream real-time video with a colleague or coach or your students, or even broadcast to the world. Use the C-Series robot with the Microsoft Teams app

This article includes setup steps for both parties of your e-conference. 

Here is a typical Live Streaming scenario:

1. Connect your C Series and marker with your mobile device 


2. Go to Swivl App Settings = > Advanced = > Audio Configuration and manually switch to Distance Audio mode


3. Now open Microsoft Teams app and make a video call.


4. Note: the Swivl app must always be opened first and it must remain running in the background. 


At this point Swivl ensures tracking with Microsoft Teams app, however audio is transmitted both ways by the mobile device connected. We are currently looking into supporting audio using Swivl.

If you want to enjoy full support of both tracking and audio we recommend using Swivl with Zoom, see detailed setup in our article Live Stream with Zoom - iOS 


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