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With Swivl you can stream real-time video with a colleague or coach, or even broadcast to the world. Use the C-Series robot* with the Zoom app**

This article includes setup steps for both parties of your e-conference. 

Here is a typical Live Streaming scenario:

* Participant A is a Swivl user who has arranged a live stream session. Participant A is wearing earbuds connected to the primary marker or has connected a usb speaker to the Swivl base in order to hear remote participant(s) joining through Zoom; for this scenario, we'll call remote participants Participant B. See detailed setup instructions for Participants A and B below. 


Participant A:

1. Install Swivl app on your mobile device


2. Install Zoom app on your mobile device


3. Connect your C Series and marker with your mobile device 


4. Open Swivl app Settings and enable Swivl Live with Zoom button in your Capture Screen Action Bar 


5. Next, return to the Capture Screen and tap Zoom icon


6. You will be redirected to the Zoom app to start or join session. Swivl app will remain running in the background.


 7. On Zoom's app, confirm "Call using Internet Audio"

Now Participant B can hear as as you speak into your Primary and Secondary Markers and you are ready to start broadcasting.


8. For one on one conversations with Participant B, connect a headset to your Primary marker.


9. For group conversations with Participant B, you'll need to connect USB speakers to your Swivl base

See more details about hearing distant participants in this article How do I hear distant participants during Live Streaming? 

 If you have a paid Zoom membership, you can record meetings in the mobile app. See more details in Is a Live Stream session automatically recorded? 


Participant B

1) Install Zoom app on your mobile device or laptop

2) Join Zoom session using the code shared to you 

Otherwise, if you are the Host, start the Meeting and share the code with Participant A and any others joining the call.

3) Select your audio preference by Computer or Phone.


4) Done! Enjoying your Swivling with Zoom! 



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