The Swivl C Series Robot has the ability to collect audio from up to 5 markers simultaneously. The Primary marker arrives pre-paired in your base and will not have a color dot sticker to distinguish it from other markers.

Important background information about how our C-Series robots are configured: 

  • If you have a C3 your robot, your robot will have the first three markers paired: its Primary and two additional markers with a pre-assigned color dot. You can skip these instructions and go straight to recording your first video.**
  • If you have a C5 your robot will also have the first three markers paired: its Primary and two additional markers with a pre-assigned color dot, meaning you'll need to pair the remaining two markers using these instructions.
  • If you have a C1 robot and you add additional markers later on, these instructions also apply to you. 

All additional Markers must be paired, and although they are identical to the Primary marker marker in appearance, their only function is to capture audio when you turn them on and you record your session. 


Pairing Secondary Markers:


  • Connect your Swivl robot to your mobile device and open the Swivl App.
  • Go to the Settings menu on the Swivl app and then turn on the Primary marker. If it is properly paired when it is turned on, it will appear here.
  • Turn on any applicable secondary markers you already have (C3 customers only!) If they are properly paired when they are turned on, they will also appear here.
  • Remove packaging on the marker you wish to pair, and dock it in the Swivl base. Make sure the pins in the marker are lined up with the pins in the Swivl base.
  • The pair LED on the robot base will blink multiple times to indicate pairing is in progress.
  • Wait for the LED to stop blinking and become a solid light.
  • Watch the app screen to verify if any marker firmware update is taking place while the marker is docked. Do not remove the marker from the dock until an update completes. Once you have confirmed that the update has successfully completed, remove the secondary marker from the dock and turn it on.
  • At this point, the Swivl app will prompt you to select a color for the marker. Apply a sticker dot with the same color on the marker. Tap done in the app.
  • Similar to the first three markers, when this new marker is successfully paired and turned on, it will appear in your Settings menu.
  • Repeat these steps for all additional markers you would like to pair to your unit (up to five total markers per robot, including the Primary marker).


*The Primary Marker arrives pre-paired to the robot, so no pairing process is necessary, but if you do need to re-pair it to a different base, you can use these instructions.

**The colors will be pre-assigned to each marker. You may change the colors of your existing paired markers by reading these instructions