Recording a Multi-Camera video requires an iOS device with the Swivl app and 1 to 4 devices with the Swivl+ app (can be a combination of iOS, Android, or Chromebook users can go to: In order to record a session using Multi-Camera, you must either have activated your Swivl Pro Plus trial or are currently subscribed to Swivl Pro Plus. 

Adding slides to your Multi-Camera recording will allow you to distribute your instructional material to all of the student recording devices. As the students follow along with your activity, you will be recording their video and audio. 

In order to use slides with your Multi-Camera recording, you will first need to upload them to your Swivl account

Preparing the Multi-Camera session on the Swivl app:

  • Open the Swivl app on the teacher’s device.
  • Sign in to the app using your Swivl account credentials.
  • Tap Capture in the Swivl app interface.
  • Tap the Add slides box in the right corner of the capture screen.*
  • Tap Slides from Library.
  • Select a set of slides from the drop down list.
  • Tap the camera icon on the right of the capture screen.
  • The app will display the code that you will input on each other recording device using the Swivl+ app, to join the recording session.


 *If you do not see the "Add slides" button, you just need to add it to your capture screen. Go to Settings>>>Capture Screen Buttons>>>Add Slides (toggled on)




Joining the Session on the Swivl+ app:

  • Open the Swivl+ app on another device device.
  • Tap Join Session at the top of the screen.
  • Enter the code displayed in the Swivl app and tap Join.
  • As students join the session from the Swivl+ app, the number of devices connected to the session will appear in at the bottom of the Swivl app capture screen.
  • Your slides will appear on the screen of every device that joins the session.




Recording the Multi-Camera Video:

  • Tap the circular record button on the right side of the screen to initiate recording. If you are using a Swivl robot, you can also tap on the red button on the side of the Marker.
  • A countdown will begin on all recording devices. Once recording begins, all devices will capture both audio and video.
  • As you record, advance through your slides by either swiping on the screen of the teacher device, or by tapping the right and left arrows of the Swivl Marker. This will also advance the slides on all of the student devices in the session.
  • When you are finished, tap the record button again and a timer will count down to the end of the recording.
  • In order to access your Multi-Camera project, you will need to upload all videos and log into your Swivl account in a browser.