The new C Series Robot looks similar to the Gen2 Robot, but can do a whole lot more!
Which robot do you have? The article you see here applies only to the Swivl Gen2 Robot. Click here for the Swivl C Series Robot article.

To set up your Swivl Robot, follow the steps below:

  • Turn on the Swivl robot by pressing the power button until the LED lights are illuminated.
  • Next, pair your mobile device with the robot. To do this, press and hold the sync button until the LED light flashes red.
  • Navigate to the Bluetooth settings on your mobile device and connect with Swivl.articles-images-front-panel
  • The LED light should now green, which indicates that the base is connected to your mobile device.
  • Lift the back flap on the base of the robot and find your marker. Turn on the marker by holding down the power button for 3-4 seconds. The LED lights on both the marker and base should now all be green.
  • Finally, launch the Swivl app and insert your mobile device into the Swivl Robot with the screen forward in landscape format. Be sure to connect the audio cable from your Swivl robot to your mobile device.