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With Swivl you can now stream real-time video with a colleague or coach, or even broadcast to the world. Use the C-Series robot with your favorite 3rd party video streaming app like Zoom or Facebook live.


Let’s get started with live streaming video using Swivl. The three basic steps are:  


  1. Update the Swivl C-Series robot, Swivl app, and markers to the latest firmware
  2. Enable Distance Audio Mode in the Swivl app
  3. Start streaming with your favorite app


*Swivl Live requires the C-Series robot. Gen2 robot not supported.


Update Swivl to the following firmware versions or newer:


Swivl App: iOS version 6.6.0 OR Android version 4.5 (850)

Swivl C Series Base Firmware : 10.03.01

Swivl Marker Firmware : 7.53


Next, we need to enable Distance Audio mode on your Swivl. Once everything is updated, the distance audio feature can be turned on by following the steps below:  


– Open the Swivl App

– Connect to Swivl

– Go the Settings menu

– Tap on Advanced

– Tap on Audio Configuration

– Select Distance Audio  


The app will then show a dialog box indicating that the Swivl will reset to switch into Distance audio mode. Tap on restart and wait for the Swivl to establish connection again with the device (takes about 5 seconds). Now you can close the audio configuration dialog and minimize the Swivl App by pressing the home button.  


Important note: Whenever you want to use Swivl with a third party app, the Swivl app must be opened first and stay running in the background.  


Now it’s time to open your favorite video streaming app, like Skype or Zoom. That’s it! Continue reading to get a better understanding of how this works.   


Broadcasting Audio: 

When Swivl is in Distance Audio mode, the audio from all the markers are merged together and synced with the video (if you are streaming video). This means that the remote person(s) on the other end can hear the audio from all the markers all of the time.   


Listening to Audio: 

The person using Swivl can hear the remote person’s voice in two ways.   1. By connecting a headset to the primary marker for one to one conversations. Use the right earbud. 2. By connecting a USB speaker to the Swivl base for group conversations.   



Tracking of the Swivl base can be enabled/disabled by pressing the center button on the primary marker even when using third party apps.   


Swivl Cloud:

Swivl Live is a feature that enables you to minimize the Swivl app, open a 3rd party app, and continue to use Swivl tracking and Marker audio. If you use an app that streams and records video at the same time like Zoom, you can upload the recorded video to Swivl Cloud by downloading the video to your desktop and uploading via your cloud.swivl.com account.  


Switching back to Classroom Audio mode and using the Swivl app to record video:  


To switch back to Classroom Audio mode (standard mode) for recording video and uploading to Swivl Cloud, please follow these steps:  


– Open the Swivl App

– Connect to Swivl

– Go the Settings menu

– Tap on Advanced menu

– Tap on Audio Configuration

– Select Classroom Audio  


Once the Swivl restarts, it should be back in classroom audio mode!   Here is a brief list of apps that we tested with Distance Audio mode enabled: *Swivl Live is in BETA, not all third party apps support USB audio. We recommend using Zoom.


iOS Compatibility iPad iPhone
Zoom Yes Yes
Skype Yes No
Facebook Live Yes Yes
Youtube Live Yes Yes
Adobe Connect Yes Yes


Android Compatibility OS version
Samsung S5 6.0.1
OnePlus 5 7.1.1
Asus Zenpad 8 6.0.1


Which video streaming app and device works best for you? Let us know at [email protected]



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