Swivl C Series Additional Marker (2 Pack)

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Multi-Marker Capability

Capture everyone's voice in class for a range of applications with ease.


Capture valuable audio of student group work

Use up to four (4) additional markers with Swivl’s C Series robot to effortlessly capture valuable audio of student group work, discussions and class time. Our custom player gives you the tools to hear general conversations or focused sources to make it useful for any application.

Student-Teacher Interactions

Don’t just listen to the teacher in isolation, listen to back and forth conversations from anywhere in the room.

Student Assessment

Monitor student dialogue through projects and other activities to present new opportunities to assess and personalize.

Add Q&A

When creating content for online libraries, capture student questions to give context and additional value to viewers.


How playback works

Once you upload your content to Swivl cloud, navigate to the video in your library, open the player, then click on the audio mixpanel button (circled in red) to reveal audio controls.


Select which audio feeds to listen to 

Once the audio controls are revealed, you select which marker's audio feeds you want to listen to by clicking on it. You can play all, one or some combination that suits your needs. Its a simple, yet powerful solution.