Upload videos captured with the Swivl app or add your own. Use the Swivl Robot and/or Expand Lens for added benefits!



Leave private time-stamped notes for your own reference. Add time-stamped annotations before sharing videos.



Securely share videos and engage in transformative dialogue with public or private time-stamped comments.



For Individuals

Self Reflection

Get the perspective you need to start improving and keep time stamped notes for future reference.

Student Feedback

Give annotated feedback to students with a reflective element for reading, speaking and more.


Use our presentation tools to capture and dialogue about events, lessons, student projects and more.

Flipped Class

Upload, annotate and dialogue about any video content. Upload content from any source.

For Teams

Video Observations


Use video for more natural and effective classroom observations with built in rubrics.

Professional Learning Community

Build a culture of collaboration with organized cohorts of teachers sharing video and dialoguing.

Best Practises Library

Build searchable libraries of the best teaching practices in your school for everyone to learn from.

Student Teaching

Give Professors insight into remote classrooms and build a working dialogue with student teachers. Plus prep content for EdTPA.

C-Series Robot

Check out the new C Series Robot, the ideal companion to the Swivl platform for capturing video in class.



Go Mobile!

You can sign up and get started straight from within our app. Works with our Robot, Expand case or with just your mobile device!

Swivl C Series Additional Marker (2 Pack)
  AUD $399.95 AUD $363.59 Ex GST

Make iPad video more natural and effective, with or without our robot. Compatible with C-Series and Gen2 Robot.

In stock

Swivl C Series Replacement 4 Port Charger
  AUD $64.96 AUD $59.05 Ex GST

Swivl C Series Replacement 4 Port Charger

In stock

Swivl Cloud Pro+ Annual Subscription
  [Contact us for a price on 02 9452 6001]

In stock

Mount Anything Kit - Compatible w/ Gen 2 & C Series
  AUD $44.95 AUD $40.86 Ex GST
SW5200, Swivl

Adaptor for mobile devices with cases. Compatible with Gen 2 & C Series

In stock

Swivl Carring Case Replacement
  AUD $49.45 AUD $44.95 Ex GST
SW5180, Swivl

Replacement for case included with the C-series Robot. Has internal and external storage options to support any C-Series model or Gen2.

In stock