Teams by Swivl Wins Tech & Learning’s Award of Excellence

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Teams by Swivl is honoured to have been recognised as a winner of Tech & Learning magazine’s Awards of Excellence: Best of 2021 for the Secondary Education category. A first of its kind award for Swivl.

With winners announced in 2022, the awards program celebrates edtech products that exceptionally supported teachers and students in Primary, Secondary, and Higher Education in 2021. Teams by Swivl software solved a pressing challenge for educators by providing effective coaching insight and fostering professional development and growth.

Over the past few years, educators have worked to deal with increases in student mental health and behavioural issues caused by the pandemic. Schools have turned to Teams by Swivl for more accessible, faster, and convenient teacher support through teacher self-reflection, peer collaboration and coaching. It all revolves around discussions of classroom videos that happen in Teams.

With appreciation and gratitude for such an honour, we’d like to recap how Teams by Swivl supports teaching and learning:

  • Teams by Swivl helps teachers and students grow their skills and demonstrate achievement. Used via mobile or desktop applications, Teams allows educators to securely upload and view videos for self-reflection, peer collaboration, coaching, and new teacher preparation and training.
  • The Sessions feature in Teams by Swivl gives teachers, coaches and administrators a clear and actionable way to give feedback over classroom video, maximising the impact of each video shared and discussed within the platform.
  • With Swivl Robots providing 360° views of the classroom and Teams’ screencasting functionality, Teams allows students to feel connected to their lesson in a meaningful and authentic way, whether watching live, in-person or remotely. The use of annotation tools inside Teams highlights critical components of classes for students’ review, making lessons interactive with educators.

When students feel connected to a thriving learning community, both students and teachers succeed. Teams by Swivl addresses social and emotional learning by providing that connection while coaching and mentoring provide the opportunity for students to share challenges and celebrate triumphs.

As we look ahead, we are reminded that regular teacher self-reflection and video coaching are vital for post-pandemic recovery. Swivl will be here to support educators every step of the way.

*The information in this blog is extracted from Swivl.


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