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AP Tech Talk: AREC Media Station LS-200, LS-300 & LS-400

AP Tech Talk on AREC Media Station with Bruce

Bruce Fozzard, National Sales Manager, provides an overview of AREC Media Station, a fantastic range of standalone devices for live video production. 

The all-in-one devices support multiple Full HD video and audio sources to capture, mix, switch, record, and live stream. A whole range of value-for-money solutions fit various applications and budgets. 

This blog focuses on AREC Media Station LS-200, LS-300, and LS-400 models. The difference between them is the number of video sources you can capture.

  • With the LS-200, capture up to 2 Full HD video sources.
  • Capture up to 3 Full HD video sources with the LS-300.
  • The LS-400 allows the capture of up to 4 Full HD video sources.

The core capabilities of AREC Media Station, across the range of devices, include:

  • Capture: Ingest up to four video feeds plus audio from sources such as HDMI or USB cameras, network cameras, PCs, digital devices, and microphones. 
  • Live video production: the built-in Online Director, the touch-friendly graphical user interface allows complete control of recording and streaming. Easily switch between sources, add or remove backgrounds and overlays, and change layouts and themes.
  • Live streaming: Broadcast your mixed video on up to 2 platforms simultaneously, such as YouTube, Facebook, and Twitch.
  • Recording and backup: To increase security, AREC Media Station 
  • Management and Integration: With the built-in Video Manager, videos stored in the AREC Media Station can be managed remotely. Plus, being designed to work in network environments, AREC Media Station has an API that provides access to many functions in Media Station. The video content, metadata, and thumbnail can be delivered seamlessly for server-side software integration.

Industries and applications

With outstanding innovation and reliable performance, AREC makes lecture capture, live streaming, and meeting recording more innovative and productive.

AREC Media Station suits various industries and applications, including government, education, enterprise, live broadcasting, places of worship, and more.

AREC brings the ease and efficiency of on-the-fly video production within reach. Why not book a demo today to see how AREC Media Station can help fulfil your next AV integration project?

Visit our website to learn more or book a demo. 

About AREC

AREC media station comprises a range of all-in-one devices for live video production. 

The standalone all-in-one devices support multiple Full HD video and audio sources to capture, mix, switch, record, and live stream. AREC media stations are powerful, versatile, value-packed, and suited to various applications and budgets.

AP Tech is an authorised Australian distributor of AREC products. Every solution is backed by local warranty and support.

A. P. Technologies Pty Ltd, Andrew Paton March 19, 2024
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