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Case Study: legal - world's most authentic mock-trial experience with Epiphan Pearl

Realistic courtroom environment set up

A Californian legal consulting firm, Verdict Advantage, was searching for a versatile power solution for the video component of its service offering: a highly realistic courtroom environment to conduct live jury focus groups. Epiphan Pearl-2 was discovered as the perfect solution, a video production core with multiple built-in inputs, multi-channel recording, and other advanced capabilities. 

The need: A flexible, high-performance system for multi-camera recording

Attorneys and legal teams spend much time preparing for trial. Live jury focus groups can be incredibly effective, helping attorneys test their cases and develop their skills before a jury. The more closely the focus group and setting match the courtroom experience, the better.

Verdict Advantage aimed to deliver the most realistic live jury focus groups. The mock courtroom the team constructed is as authentic as it gets. The 2,000+ square foot facility comprises a main courtroom, a deliberation room, and attached conference rooms. From the public seating area to the pulpit, no detail was spared.

Along with this highly realistic setting, the firm devised a powerful differentiator for its live jury focus group, offering to record the whole thing from multiple angles – capturing judge, jury, and attorney – for legal teams to watch back and identify areas for improvement.