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Epiphan LiveScrypt

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Epiphan LiveScrypt

3,249.95 3,249.95
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Brand: Epiphan

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Easy, accurate, and affordable live transcription

Make your events more accessible and engaging with real-time speech-to-text conversion by LiveScrypt, a dedicated automatic 

transcription device powered by advanced speech recognition technology. From conference presentations and company town hall 

meetings to university lectures and church sermons, LiveScrypt can transcribe it – automatically, accurately, and affordably.

Epiphan LiveScrypt workflow diagram

Speed, accuracy and affordability

Ensure high performance from end to end

Pressure to keep pace with speakers increases the rate of human transcription errors – especially after fatigue sets in. LiveScrypt never wavers and never loses steam, ensuring high transcription accuracy from start to finish. And with built-in professional audio inputs, LiveScrypt makes it easy to connect to crystal-clear audio for accurate AI transcription.

Save on live transcription fees

Human transcriptionists skilled enough for live events command premium prices, and often fees continue to accrue even when your event pauses for lunch. With a low initial hardware cost and $9.95 per-hour transcription fees, LiveScrypt is a wise investment for any organization with a need for live subtitling.

Epiphan LiveScrypt screen example
Epiphan LiveScrypt

Tailor to your event

LiveScrypt offers several customization options to suit your unique requirements, including multiple languages, light and dark settings to make transcriptions easier to read, automatic punctuation, and profanity filters. You can also apply a North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) code to increase transcription accuracy for specialized vocabulary.

Transcribe speech in real times

Most AI-based transcription services aren’t fit for live events since they work with pre-recorded audio. Powered by advanced speech recognition technology, LiveScrypt transcribes speech in real time for display on in-room monitors and mobile devices.

Available 24/7

LiveScrypt will never get sick or stuck in traffic on the way to the venue. It won’t get tired during a long day of transcribing, miss your event because of a calendar conflict, or bill you at an overtime rate. LiveScrypt is always ready to transcribe your live events – consistently.

Keep up with speakers

Whether a speaker is a slow talker or a fast one, LiveScrypt never misses a beat. It can even make corrections on the fly as a speaker finishes a thought (giving the AI more context to work with).

Set up quickly

You don’t need a tech expert on hand to operate LiveScrypt. Simply connect your audio source and Ethernet network to the device, plug LiveScrypt into a power source, and press START on the built-in touch screen to enable hands-off live transcription.

What’s in the box?

Epiphan Livescrypt - what's in the box?


Brand Epiphan
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