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New tools within Swivl’s Reflectivity help teachers adapt to AI

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Swivl’s Reflectivity new tools help teachers adapt to AI

This month, Reflectivity introduced new features and a new experience to help teachers build skills and adapt to our rapidly changing world. 

Reflectivity now helps innovative educators explore how to use AI in their instruction and share what’s working across their organisation.

A new way to approach personal development.

One major update in this release is the introduction of Skills. 

Previously, teachers used Reflectivity to explore Topics. But we’ve heard that Topics can be a limiting term. Topics are broad and suggest ideas. While ideas are a valuable starting point, teachers grow through acting. 

Skills describe the solutions teachers are working on in their classrooms. There can be many Skills under one Topic. For example, the Topic of Classroom Management includes Skills like ‘Giving Instructions’ and ‘Setting Expectations.’

Teachers view Topics and Skills on the Inspiration board (previously the Popular board).

Discover new solutions.

The Inspiration board is where teachers discover Skills to address their needs. Teachers learn and adapt faster by sharing and considering many solutions at once. This approach departs from the typical top-down approach to professional learning.

By filtering the Inspiration board, teachers can view Skills categorised by Topic. AI is a Topic that calls for teachers to adapt like never before. Once logged in, teachers will see 20-30 AI Skills on their Inspiration board.

Beyond AI, teachers can view or add Skills for Literacy, Classroom Management, and more. 

Find motivation and connect.

Once teachers get inspired to explore new skills, they can head to the Activity board. This is where they find motivation to make progress and connect with colleagues.

The Activity board shows updates about their colleagues’ work and their own, which serves two purposes. 

Seeing colleagues act can motivate teachers to do their own work. Additionally, these updates can spark connections between teachers with shared interests. 

As teachers try new methods and share what works, solutions spread across the organisation.

Adapt to any change. 

Reflectivity’s latest updates help teachers find motivation, connect with colleagues, and build skills. It’s all aimed at growing and adapting to changes like the impact of AI.

For leaders, Reflectivity helps staff pursue many solutions to new challenges that often emerge and shift rapidly. Teachers can adapt to any change when leaders provide a place to try new ideas, move fast, and learn together.

*This blog is extracted from Swivl.

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About Swivl

Swivl is a video solution designed exclusively for educators. The Swivl auto-tracking Robot makes it easy to record lessons. The accompanying app, Reflectivity, is a powerful tool for self-reflection, coaching and collaboration. 

Whether you want to enhance your hybrid classroom, master teacher self-evaluation, or start your peer and mentor coaching journey, Swivl will help you find your purpose and focus on the joy of teaching.

AP Tech is the authorised Australian distributor of Swivl products. Every solution is backed by local warranty and support.

A. P. Technologies Pty Ltd, Andrew Paton September 19, 2023
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